Valparai and Vazhachal forest(Neetu's tale)

              the starting of a new story with a bike ride...
The story starts with a love story in my life so to forget that pain I had started my ride to Valparai and Vazhachal forest. For me its a long ride of 400+ km. so just look to our story before riding experience. why do I want to get out of his life? Neetu(name changed for privacy) asked herself she doesn't get an answer. I also thought for that answer for those answers I had just started my rides.
it's just a morning that I began my ride. the painful ride to Pollachi then started my tale with a cold breeze in the Valparai and Vazhachal for
                My ride begins from Pollachi then it comes to a beautiful forest of valparai.the ride beyond the hairpin bends made me remember Neetu. I searched for the answer to why she wants to get out of my life. Neetu, the most unforgettable memory about her the fights that we had between us. why she always like to quarrel with me i just stopped my thought and just want to relax from my bike. I just get out from my bike and just relax now I just noticed the monkeys playing and Nilgiri Tahr, one of the endangered animal.its just cute the innocence of that animal made me think about Neetu again 
ought and just want to relax from my bike. I just get out from my bike and just relax now I just noticed the monkeys playing and Nilgiri Tahr, one of the endangered animal.its just cute the innocence of th
nilgiri tahr
Nilgiri Tahr
           "In the next 1000 birth we will be lovers," said Neetu then I thought she was born for me she just holds my hands more tightly by telling this my heart was beating fastly and I felt cold in her hands. Suddenly I am back to the reality the bike was just on to Aliyar dam it was a cold breeze there in the Aliyar dam which made me remember my past again.
           Neetu, a Cristian girl fallen in love deeply with me, the hero in our story enjoys the love with me for a couple of days but now changed to a mind of thinking about her parents and religion who will not accept me. She started to hurt me as much as she can for the separation with me but I was in strongly in love with her which increased as much as she hurt me. why Neetu want to get out of my life? I started thinking again and had my ride from the Aliyar dam.
an island in aliyar reservoir
An island in Aliyar reservoir
            It's getting more colder when increasing my miles I had to get into the forest now different kinds of monkeys are there in the forest. The roads are nice that I can ride smooth and the smooth ride and small rain made me think about the past again." yes I am a cheater!" I thought in my mind how much she hurts me why I am suffering yes! its because I am a cheater. The second Lie that I had said to her of not losing her in the life that had turned to a fatal attraction of her towards me that's why I am suffering all of these. but how much a man can suffer to a single lie I just thought but I don't know but my love towards her is at its peak. Yes, I don't want to lose her in my life and I am ready to suffer anything for her.
             "I can't love you please get out from my life" "please leave me alone" "you are so childish" I just remembered those words said by Arathi (name changed of privacy). For that Arathi, I cheated Neetu in the past but Neetu doesn't know about that. That is a major thing that I have hidden fro Neetu. My bike crossed Valparai and I stopped for my lunch I had a small lunch and the climate is becoming so cold and it's a nice feeling to remember the past in this cold climate. I just had my lunch and started my ride again then comes a wonderfull road but it has a small width. The ride through that road is the thing that I enjoyed most in the ride.
nilgiri langur
Nilgiri langur
              Arathi, a brahmin girl from a powerful family who looks so cute with a cheerful personality. After getting in love with Arathi I comes to know that her heart is not that much beautiful as her face.i feel so sad because once I cheated Neetu for Arathi because I just gave importance to Arathi's cuteness but when I came to be alone only there a person with me is Neetu. After that, I stopped giving importance to external beauty. Arathi having a small but powerfull love story with me which I will tell you in one of another ride.
               The ride through this forest is mind-blowing and which will make me refreshing. I just wished to see elephants by reading warning boards of elephants along the path but I can't. After some kilometers of the ride, I had found a bird that is lying in the path I just took it was injured and it cant fly I just have given it some water from my bag. After that, it can fly away which made me happy. I simply thought of Neetu instead of that bird she wants to fly away from me but every time I try to go away from her, at last, she will come again in my life. Neetu hurt me for the breakup but actually, she can't go from me but she tries to go away from me.  

After every fight, the love between me and Neetu decreased. But I can't live a minute without Neetu but her new life in another city for her studies changed her a lot. By spending more time with her friends made Neetu forget me to an extent. but she will call me once in a month once in a phone call Neetu said to me that her marriage was fixed which made me shocked. How much I am coming closer to Neetu that much I come to go away from others family, friends, etc... my contact with everyone reduced so in that condition I can't believe this news.iam getting mad without Neetu but her phone calls were reduced.
love hurts

Now my life had changed a lot by Neetu's marriage. I feel lonely without her phone calls. I don't know where my life is going to. Now my bike is getting close to Vazhachal. The evening ride through the forest is mindblowing. I had enjoyed my ride through the forest. After crossing the Vazhachal and Athirappally I come to Chalakkudy there are wonderful dams in Athirappally and Vazhachal but I am not in the mood of sightseeing because I am getting so tired now I thought Neetu will not come back to my life. but I was mistaken because Neetu can't leave me after an interval she comes to my life again that I will tell in another story of the ride.
now I am enjoying night ride through Thrissur-Ernakulam highway my ride had come to an end. I get back home for my dinner
        "Please come back to my life our days of love, phone calls until morning, the name that you call me, our walkthrough sunset by holding our hands, the chocolates that you bought for me with love all I am missing please come back to my life again," said Arathi                                

to be continued with my next ride...