A waterfall in kolli hills
A waterfall in Kolli hills
A ride to Kolli hills is what I am waiting for. Because it is a two-day ride that contains about 600+ kilometers. I started my ride in my morning it is just an awesome climate so in full spirit, I had started my journey. I head straight to Pollachi via Palakkad the roads are nice so the smooth ride and small morning breeze made me remember Anu (name changed for privacy). After the separation with Neetu, I'd never like to place someone in Neetu's place but accidentally fall in love with Anu
helmet beside sea

"Why I am getting so serious to him?" Anu searched for an answer. Anu's days with me changed her a lot. Why did our friendship turn to love? Can I replace Anu in the place of Neetu I just thought but can't get an answer? After my breakfast, I started my ride so I am not at all hungry so I thought to head straight to Salem. The roads are smooth and I enjoyed my drive I had small snacks and coffee in cafe coffee day so during the snack time I just remembered Anu again. Anu, a girl from a powerful family. I just scared of her family so I am just afraid to tell her father about my proposal. After Neetu's separation and Anu's entry I just made my mind ready for marriage.
Now after a light snack I had again head to the roads. The roads are nice and the scenic view in Tamil Nadu is very nice. I had simply continued my ride along the highway. The drive through smooth highway made me of remembering my past again. Anu only focuses on marriage with me. "After my surgery, if I forget all how can I found my love with you asked Anu "If your love is true then you can't forget me" I replied. My words encourage her. Now I hate hospitals why doctors have taken away her memories I simply thought with pain.

 Now my had crossed Erode and it is just a thrilling ride through the highways. Because of my heavy breakfast and light snacks, I don't get hungry so I just skipped my lunch but I used to drink juices around my breaks now its evening and I am in Salem now. It is my first marriage function that I skipped my food but my stomach remained full. I just thought about that marriage my Anu married to another person. I only went to that marriage because of her invitation but I can't see that marriage I just left that auditorium
A view on the ride to Kolli hills
Now in Salem I just searched for my room to stay finally I got a cheap room but the room was okay. Then I had a nice bath and its night now so I just started to simply roam to the city and I just bought some food for my dinner. After dinner, I watched TV for some time and started my sleep. Ohh My God I can't sleep because of the mosquitos but I am so tired but I can't sleep because of the mosquitos. My sleepless night made me remember Anu again
 "Hey, Rahul ( name changed for privacy) he is my close friend" Anu introduced me to Rahul. That time I don't know what to say I just simply agreed to her. I have gone to tell her about our love in her broken memories but I can't tell anything to her because of her introduction about me to Rahul made me silent. I just thought our days before her surgery. I am soo scared of the surgery if I lost my memories how can I find you Anu asked me again and again. I just simply told her like before if your love is true you will not forget me but she doesn't forget anything even me but she forgot our 16 days of love. I just remembered about our love story with closed eyes finally made me sleep.

  In the morning around 7 am I started my ride to the Kolli hills. I head straight to Kolli hills via Rasipuram. Finally, i started hairpin bends it is just a wonderful experience through the hairpin bends but I can't enjoy it fully because of yesterday's night. I had crossed all the hairpin bends and finally get into the top of the Kolli hills. From there I had a kulfi, a type of ice cream and started planned to return my ride. I am not in a mood to see any waterfalls or famous temples in Kolli hills because of yesterday's night so from the top of the Kolli hills, I returned to Salem. I cant enjoy the ride fully because Anu's marriage is still in my mind.
"Why I can't hate her even she betrayed me?" I just thought again and again but can't find an answer.
Starting of hair pin bends from Kolli hills
Now I stopped my bike for lunch in Salem early because i had skipped my breakfast today. I know it is unhealthy but I don't feel to eat anything. So after a heavy biriyani for my lunch, I again started my ride. Now my mind is getting tired I just remembered about Anu again. "after that accident I cant suffer my headaches but I am afraid about of the surgery because maybe I will forget my memories" said Anu but I always said, "if your love is true then you can't forget me". I am so close to her but I don't know about her family matters but at the time of surgery I went to the hospital
  After two days she gets conscious she doesn't forget me but forgot our days of love. I don't know what to do  I am really in pain of losing my love but decided to tell her everything after somedays. after a week she called me to introduce Rahul, the person she is going to marry. They invited me to their engagement but  I don't like to go. Now my bike is just wandering through the highway. My mind is soo tired and wants to reach home as early as possible. At last, I reached Palakkad. I had a small tea break and then continued my ride again and thought about Anu's betrayal

 To invite me for marriage Anu come to my home without Rahul. I can't speak anything to her but she said to me that she wants to tell me something. We had gone for a small walk. Now she started to talk by giving me a surprise " I don't forget anything and I know you can't forget me that is why I acted that I forgot our days of love but now I wish to tell You everything to forget me otherwise I can't marry Rahul. My marriage with Rahul was fixed before you come into my life but when you show me, love, I can't tell you anything. I want to be your wife before our engagement but I am so shocked when I heard that your age is twenty, not fit for a  marriage under the Indian law. That time also I won't tell you anything. Before I went for that surgery do you remember that I cried when seeing you?
that is because of the death of your Anu and after the surgery, I tried to forget all and be your friend". I can't tell her anything and I remained silent. At last, she invited me to the marriage and I agreed that invitation.

Now I am going to finish my ride and I bought some meat for my dinner and it is about 8:00 pm when I reached home. The ride was awesome but it made me tired so I want a good sleep. I had my dinner and went to bed. I am so tired and want a long sleep but before a minute of getting to sleep I just thought about Jasmine’s( name changed for privacy ) words “you only came to know about my love only after my death”

                    to be continued with my next ride...